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Sometimes love needs a little push, and if you’re lucky to have found it once, sometimes it’s better the second time around.

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“DeSalvo writes with warmth and wit.  Her characters leap off the page and into your heart. It is a fun read where deals, dogs and disaster blend seamlessly in a fast paced story of second chances.” 

-NY Times Best Selling Author Cherry Adair

“Tina DeSalvo does a masterful job of letting us get to know her characters and you feel as though you know everyone of them personally. If for no other reason, Tante Izzy, the Bienvenu family matriarch is reason enough to read these novels. However, there are LOTS of other reasons to read Tina DeSalvo.”

-Reading Cafe’


“. . .a great mystery, interesting personalities and a sweet romance. The story is set in the Cajun area of Louisiana in a small town full of people who know the real meaning of friendship and family. The main protagonists, Abby and Jackson, are complex and well written while the quirky secondary characters, especially Tante Izzy and her friends, will keep you laughing.” TOP PICK- Romantic Times Magazine

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Delve into an adventure with the likes of Luke Marcelle, Elli Morenelli, experience the thrills of Cajun and bayou celebration as Tina brings home memorable moments.


“…it's saving your life,” she told me “so we know that wouldn't be the devil.”



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