The Bluff

By Tina Desalvo,

Volume 1.


How do you get rid of ghosts when you don’t believe they exist? Samantha O'Leary, taking over for her famous Ghost-evictor father, isn’t sure. But, she’s not about to tell the man who hired her that she doesn’t believe in ghosts nor that she doesn’t have a clue what to do to resolve his problem. Not when she desperately needs this job. 

Cade Parker doesn’t believe in ghosts and thinks his employees convictions that they are being haunted by one is crazy. But, his Casino and Saloon are suffering because of their claims, and he’s willing to do anything to save his businesses…even hire a pretty ghost evictor who looks as uncertain as he is. 

The Haunted West

by Heather Graham (Author), Charissa Weaks  (Author), Katherine Neville (Author), Bobbi Smith (Author), Tina Wainscott (Author), Jennifer St. Giles (Author), Kat Martin  (Author), Tina DeSalvo (Author), Richard Devin  (Author), Lance Taubold  (Author).

Special Forward included by NY Times Best Selling Author of the Outlander Series, Diana Galbadon

In this two volume collection, written especially for RT Booklovers Presents: The Haunted West, best-selling and award-winning authors take you on a time-traveling, spellbinding journey through America's sprawling West.

Over twenty all new tales, both contemporary and historical, weave a web of mystery, the supernatural, and romance. Join us for a passionate tour of the West, accompanied by ghosts, witches, shapeshifters, time-travelers, vampires, and a glimpse into the afterlife.

Fall in love... in the Haunted West.

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