2015 RT Booklovers Convention Recap


Thank you for your support in the fight against breast cancer! Friends Fight Together raised $2500 at the 2015 RT Booklovers Convention in Dallas, Texas!

The money will stay in Dallas to help the local network of FORCE with the amazing work they do as they help individuals and families with a link to hereditary breast and ovarian cancers. For more information on FORCE, visit Facing Our Risk.

To raise money and awareness for individuals fighting breast cancer, Cherry Adair, Stella Barcelona, and I hosted a raffle for three amazing designer purses! Romantic Times magazine founder, Kathryn Falk, honored us by drawing the names of the winners. I want to extend a huge “Thank-You” to Kathryn, everyone from RT, and the generous donors who support us each year.


As always, I have lots of pictures to share. Go to my Photo Gallery to check out the latest photosfrom the 2015 Booklovers Convention AND the 2015 Barbara Vey Readers Appreciation Luncheon.

Thank you for your support!


Tina DeSalvoComment